About Us

At Fabrics Direct 4 You, we’re a passionate team of do-it-yourselfers who strive to equip and empower others to DIY (Do It Yourself) for their own boats, personal watercraft and other envisioned projects. We equip you by being one of the leading retailers for fabric, tools, hardware, supplies to get the job done. With our knowledge and experience, we will empower you with the networks needed to make every project you can dream up a success.

We pride ourselves on giving our customer a type of customer service which has been lost but not forgotten;   that deals with respect, honest communication, a compassionate and courtesy attitude and genuine help no matter the circumstance.  This form of customer service will have you remember the times of trust and pride when supporting a business!  We are excited to not only be your place of business but your new friend!  Welcome to our family!